Saveurs de saison... - 27.80 €

At this time of year, the restaurant is every lunchtime opened, from tuesdays till Sundays and  fridays evenings ans saturdays evenings on reservation.Schedule of service of midi: 12h/13h30. Schedule of service of dinner: 19h/20h30 only on reservation

Animals are not admitted in the dinning room.
The menu is evolutionary according to the market of the Chef
Aux Saveurs de saison... 27.80 €
Cod rillittes with chorizo, lemons and candied tomatoes
--- or ---
The farmhouse poultry terrine in smoked bacon, its season condiments
Main course
Pink trout steak cooked skin side, absinthe effluve, creamy risotto
--- or ---

 La pièce of roast veal, vinaigrette of mushrooms, its cooked potatoes

The plate of three cheeses of the Bugey refined by our farmers of Ain
--- or ---
The natural cottage cheese or with the cream
Perfect iced with mountain infusion, blueberry and hazelnuts
--- or ---

 Peach with Bugey wine, vervain ice cream


Aux Saveurs de saison